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Heavyweight Bullion

from by Initials B.R.

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‘04. HEAVYWEIGHT BULLION (we buy gold)

Nice corked bat.
Paint race on a face in a sack,
Cane and a cape for a cap.
Placate in a pace and attack.
Traipse on past.
Shake hands like a watch in clap.
Cats nap in the curve of an asp.
Forks fang facts.
Play scratch ‘til nails
Strike golden synopses like
Tunn’ling through follicles doesn’t take brain surgeons
Orders so eat your spinach. That
“Think I can’s” a grimace in a
Game of hide and seek, so would you
Hurry up and olly-oxen-
Free? I mean it’s been a week.

Thieves eag-R beav-R 2 C R RNA.
CDs on CBs means time 2 make eep-pe’s.
Now people-ay gon’ E-Bay BVDeez utz-enyay’s.
Trade R RC cars for RVs and PR.
Steel R blue rebar from PBR be-R.
PAs gon’ replay R 3 K’s and 2 A’s
Like “Touché croupier”.


Suckers gon’ tucker: there’s a runner in the road.

Decks don’t stack.
Ain’t fate put an ace in the hat?
Don’t folks fit a rope to the mast
Holding me back?
I wreck oak afts.
Best hemp’s an offense to the rapt
Job acts in the host at the apse that’s
Holding me back.
Don’t ask. Those goads
Won’t unrobe this Rhodes Colossus.
Fusing the gates of Dreaming and Waking
Estates and mating the hostages in
Moments of a capped-teeth-
Half-sleep chatter is the
Way to pierce the pallor of the

See, BR R BC, but not PC per se,
Queequeg when perc-ay (so say J. Chernil-A).
Keebl-Rs in popl-Rs all TP-ed and cree-P
Go hack in sysAdmin and freebie R EP.
Keep R Pinot Noir from cape-Rs and cavi-R.
Sav-R in flav-R its strong Goute de Terroir.
Ces petites poulets boivent blasé Beaujolais.
Comme “Parlez francais”?


Suckers gon’ tucker: there’s a runner in the road.

I get that ChipGold bullion.
I get that Kinebar bullion.
I get that Kruggerand bullion.
I get that Saint-Gaudens, y’all.
Buffalo bullion.
I hold Maple Leaf bullion.
I see Hundred Franc bullion.
And that's Vreneli bullion.
I get it hard rock
And at spot price
I get it cold worked
For that medal metal, y’all.
Mother Lode bullion.
And that’s Troy stone bullion.
And that’s heavyweight bullion.
Heavyweight bullion.


from Initials B​.​R., released April 4, 2011